Six-Sided Triangle (1963)

Crew List & Locations

Italian sequence. L-R Nicol Williamson, Bill Meilen & CM

Crew List and Studio

Director/Writer: Christopher Miles

Producer: Christopher Miles assisted by Sara Bennett

Lighting cameraman: David Watkin

Camera operator: John Burrows

Asssistant director: David Tringham

Continuity: Anne Deeley

Music composer: Michael Dress

Piano for silent film sequence: Arthur Dulay

Art Director: Bernard Sarron, ARIBA

Construction manager: Bill Zubo

Property manager: Harry Newman

Property Buyer: Maureen Roche

Studio manager: Ken Kendrick

Editor: Peter Musgrave

Assistant editor: Wally Nelson

Kind acknowledgements to: John and Roy Boulting, Nan Bennett, The Miles, Peter Lipscomb, John Crankshaw, Ian Lang, Ion Voyantziz, Beresford Seligman and Pam.

French Sequence: L-R Nicol Williamson, Sarah Miles & CM

Filmed at World Wide Studios
Studios 'A' and 'B'
Breams Buildings
Chancery Lane
London WC2

Made by Milesian Film Productions Ltd 1963 - length 30 minutes

Distributed by British Lion Films and Lion International Films - London

Present distributors Canal + - Paris

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