Priest of Love (1981)

Crew List & Locations

Unit photo organised by Nigel Goldsack (standing left in beard) for the director's birthday

Director: Christopher Miles

Executive Producer: Stanley J. Seeger

Producers: Christopher Miles, Andrew Donally

Screenplay: Alan Plater

Based on 'The Priest of Love' by Harry T. Moore and the letters and writings of D.H.Lawrence

Music: Joseph James

'The Way we got it together' Music by Joseph James: Lyrics by Christopher Cone played by the Pasadena Roof Orchestra

Frieda's Theme played on the cimbalo d'amor by Leslie Pearson

Orchestrated and conducted by Alexander Faris

Production Designers: Ted Tester, David Brockhurst

Costume Designer: Anthony Powell

l-r Ian McKellen, the director, Janet Suzman and Ava Gardner

Editors: Ann Chegwidden, Paul Davies

Director of photography: Ted Moore B.S.C.

Production Supervisor: Leslie Gilliat

Assistant Director: Graham Fowler

Production Administrator: Ron Atkinson

Production Executive: Penelope Midgley

Continuity: Pamela Mann

Camera Operator: Mike Roberts

Sound Recordist: Robin Gregory

Sound Editor: Rusty Coppleman

l-r Mike Roberts and Ted Moore - Graham Fowler, David Brockhurst, CM, and John Beard - George Frost and Christopher Taylor with Janet Suzman

Wardrobe Supervisor: Rosemary Burrows

Make-up: George Frost

Hairdresser: Christopher Taylor

U.K. Unit Manager: Rufus Andrews

Second Assistant Director: Nigel Goldsack

Production Assistant: Sheila Collins

Camera Assistants: Anthony Gaudioz, Mike Bulley

l-r in fg. Anthony Powell, Ted Tester and Loti Irwin during a canteen break

Camera Grip: Peter Butler

Boom Operator: Terry Sharratt

Stills Photographer: Barrie Payne

Set Decorator: Peter Young

Assistant Art Directors: Jim Morahan, John Beard

Dubbing Mixer: Dean Humphreys

Supervising Electrician: Maurice Gillett

Titles: National Screen

Alan Plater - Harry Moore and Janet Suzman with CM - a lighter moment with Penelope Keith


Unit Managers: Juanita Portillo, Pepe Terron

Assistant Director: Winfield Sanchez

n McKellen, Maurizio Merli and Janet Suzman

On meeting their new Italian landlord Lawrence remarked 'Has he lost his opera?'

Unit Managers: Patrick O'Brien, Goffredo Matassi

Assistant Director: Bruno Cortini

The Producers would also like to thank:-

Gerald Pollinger and the D.H.Lawrence Estate

Loti Irwin and Golden Earwig Enterprises

Enid Goodband and the D.H.Lawrence Society

Saki Karavas for permission to copy the D.H.Lawrence paintings

Susan Miles for painting copies of Dorothy Brett's work

The National Coal Board's Museum

and Staff at Lound Hall, Retfird, Notts.

MPAA No. 26392

© Ronceval Inc., MCMLXXX

Production Company: Milesian Films Ltd

Film Kodak Esatmancolor

Laboratory: Technicolour Ltd., 98 mins

l-r Penelope Keith with Suzy Miles who explains how she made copies of Dorothy Brett's paintings for the film.

(the following crew are not credited on the film)

Pre-production Secretary: Carol Hazell (died of Hodgkin's disease before shooting started - the Royal Première, arranged by Loti Irwin, was for an appeal in her honour)

Unit Secretary: Marion Gray

Director's secretary: Jackie Danks

Assistant to the producer: Wendy Donally

3rd Assistant Director: Amynta Cardwell

Unit Runner: Adam Alvarez

Camera Car Driver: Terry Beck

Grip Van Driver: Brett Lamb-Shine

Sound Maintenance: Michael Sale

Accountants: Anne Shields, Ernest Shepherd, Robert Faloon

Draughtsmen: Anthony Rimmington, Brian Ackland-Snow, Crispian Sallis

Property Buyer: E.G.Rodrigo

Construction Manager: John Godfrey

Property Master: Bert Hearn

Property Man Dresser: Peter Wallis

Property Man: Roy Pembroke

Drapes: Colin Pearce

Scenic Artists: Alan Evans, Frank Graves

Getting the continuity right, l-r Pamela Mann, Ted Moore, CM, Tony Gaudioz, Janet Suzman, Mike Roberts, Penelope Keith and Ian McKellen

Wardrobe Assistant: Austin Cooper

Costume Assistant: Joanna Johnston

Make-up: Robin Grantham

Hairdresser: Stephanie HallPublicist: Brian Doyle

Publicity Secretary: Rebecca West

Assistant Editors: Mike Crowley, George Akers, Gordon Brown

Assistant Dubbing Editor: Leonard Green

Sound Editors: Derek Holding, Jim Roddan, Kevin Beirne

Chargehand Props: David Merchant

Standby Props: Kieron McNamara, Peter Hedges

Standby Carpenter: Edward Sinclair

Standby Painter: Alan Seabrook

Standby Rigger: Raymond Jones

Electricians: Alan Barry, Dennis Branch, Raymond Meehan, Peter Bloor, Roger Mills and Richard Seal

Unit Driver: Mike Hance

Costumes: Berman & Nathans Ltd., Cosprop Ltd.


Casting: Inga Seyric

Art Director: Aurelio Crugnola

Production Assistant: Maurizio Ciarno

Production Secretary: Marie-Louise Janssen

Crowd Marshall: Cosimo Picchierri

Accountant: Maurizio Spinelle

Assistant Art Director: Bavier Tiziana

Wardrobe Assistant: Maurizio Monteverde

Construction Manager: Ivano Todeschi

Assistants Camera: Erico Menzer, Giorgi Aureli

Make-up: Adonella de Rossi

Hairdresser: Giancarlo de Leonardis

Grips: Francesco Bernadini, Carlo Besi

Ursula Creagh, Barbara's daughter, after watching Janet Suzman for half-an-hour, suddenly produced a Mexican-Indian lapis lazuli broach and necklace which belonged to her grandmother, Frieda, and let Janet wear them for the film.


Casting: Nancy Rodman

Crowd Casting: Joaquin Garrido

Assistant Director: Hector Lopez

Wardrobe Supervisor: Crista von Humbolt

l-r Janet Suzman, Ian McKellen and Penelope Keith on the steps of the Zapotec temple at Mitla, Oaxaca, Mexico

Wardrobe Assistant: Alicia Rubio, Alfonso Govea

Make-up: Olga Riviseco

Props: Carlos Cortes

Hairdresser: Maria de Jesus Lepel

Driver: David Gonzales Medrane

l-r Sophie and Suzy Miles with Christopher Cone (lyricist of 'Let's get it together') wait in the Mexican shade to be called as extras for Mabel's party.


Contact: Anthony Branch

Owner of D.H.Lawrence's paintings: Saki Karavas


Assistant Director: Noêl Costa-Coquelard

Some of the French 2nd unit - 3rd from rt Assistant Director Noel Costa-Coquelard
and extreme rt. Andrew Donally Co-producer


Shepperton Studio Centre, Studios Road, Shepperton, Middlesex, UK

Victoria Street, and the streets nearby of Eastwood, Notts, UK

National Coal Board Museum, Lound Hall, Retford, Notts, UK

Suffolk Street, London, SW1, UK

Royal Exchange, Cheapside, City of London, UK

Westminster Bridge, (Houses of Parliament) London SE1, UK

Trevassa Farm, Trevega, Nr Zennor, Cornwall, UK

Porth Zennor Cove, Nr Zennor, St Ives, Cornwall, UK

High Pak Road, Underwood, Notts, UK (View of Haggs Farm)

Hotel La Fonda, Plaza, Taos, New Mexico, USA (DHL's paintings)

Temple of Mitla, Oaxaca, Mexico

Tlacolula and its surroundings, Nr Oaxaca, Mexico

Hotel Victoria, Oaxaca, and town of Oaxaca, Mexico

L-r Robin Gregory (silhouette) Ian McKellen, Penelope Keith and CM
directing a failed love affair between Lawrence and Dorothy Brett in Italy.

Villa Mirenda, Scandicci, Nr Florence, Italy

Via de Oriuolo, (piazza del Duomo) Florence, Italy

Grand Hotel Fasano, Lago di Garda, and its surroundings, Italy

Villa Quattro Venti, Island of Capri, and ferry boat to the island, Italy

Villa Val de Cagne, Vence, France

Ian McKellen in Italy with the director preparing for the scene when Lawrence coughs blood and has to admit to his tuberculosis

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