Fire from Olympia (2012) TV

Cast List

Juan Carlos Ollana: from Spain to Olympia, Nemea and Levadia

Panos Vrachiotis: from Athens to the Cotswold 'Olimpicks

Roberto Sidonio: from Italy to the Much Wenlock Olympian Games

Juan Carlos Ollana and Dr Stephen Garland prepare to race in the hoplitodromos

Professor Theo Antikas: Universities of Washington and Thessalia

Professor Stephen G. Miller: Site director of Nemea/ University of California

Professor Stephen Miller prepares the hysplex, an ancient starting mechanism
based on the military catapult.

Nelson Mandela: President of South Africa

George Papandreou: Greek Minister of Foreign Affair

Professor Theo Antikas explains how women cleverly managed to enter the ancient Olympics

Professor Kenan Erim: Site director of Aphrodisias/ University of New York

Professor Kenan Erim in the Odeon at Aphrodisias

Panos Vrachiotis enters the Robert Dover Olimpick Games as a hoplitis

Panos Vrachiotis bravely takes on the 'shin-kicking' champion, Jo McDonagh,
in Robert Dover's Olimpicks

Dr Lukas Karamanis: Specialist in ancient healing technique

Professor Eva Keuls: University of Minnesota

Daley Thompson: Olympic Gold Decathlon Champion

Dr Otto Symiczek: Judge at the European Games in Athens

Richard Slaney: Discus champion

Dr Stephen Garland: Decathlete - University of Durham

Roberto Sidonio tries an ancient winning Greek athlete's meal based on Professor Miller's findings of the remains of one found near the stadium at Nemea. His barbeque meat forks and drinking cups still intact - as well as a jumping weight in the middle with his discus far right.

Dr Francis Burns: author Robert Dover's Olimpick Games

Jo McDonagh: Shin-kicking champion - Dover's Olimpicks

Two re-constructions of Olympic Games prize-giving in England and Greece
1887 Wenlock Olympian Games and in 2002 the Levadian Athletic Games

Helen Cromarty: Historian - Wenlock Olympian Society

Norman Wood: President - Wenlock Olympian Society

Jimmy Moore under the plaque of William Penny Brookes, the real founder
of the modern Olympic Games

Jimmy Moore: Marathon champion runner

HM The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh open the 'Much Wenlock Olympics'
in Shropshire on 11th July 2003